Friday, August 16, 2019

Is Gamulator safe to Download ROM and emulator in 2019

  No comments is a new website in the roms and emulator. But within a year it becomes popular.
This website gets around 3 million page views per month.
But the question is that
Is it safe to Download Files

Gamulator is not safe for window computer users. It will start showing ads inside the computer because it contains the virus.
 Here is the video proof of this

Download Should be in zip folder but files from gamulator are in the zip folder

So it, not safe What is the solution to this problem?

The Best solution is to use its alternative options. Here are some best alternative options but in the end, it depends upon you What type of Roms are you are looking for like Gameboy advance, super Nintendo entertainment system, etc.

Best Alternative to gamulator Which are safe

Since there are so many websites to download rom. But which one is safe. Here is the list of websites which are safe.

 Garoms seems the biggest alternative option at this moment. I personally check this website on all operating system. First of all, there are no popup ads and files are in the zip folder. Here are some Best Files that you are interested in downloading.

 The second alternative to Website is safe to download roms. Its design is a bit outdated.
It provides Roms for ever Console-like gba, snes, nds, apple 1 and so many others. Ads are also a big problem. You might want to use adblocker especially for this. 


Personally, I do not suggest romulation to anyone but still, you can consider it as an alternative option.
basically, you have to pay to download games. There are two plans as shown in the screenshot.
Recently romulation users face issue while downloading games Sorry, this game is restricted.
due to copyright issue. But still, you can try it if you want

My Abandonware
If you think GBA games are new and you are looking for older games than in 2000 then on my abandonware you can find games 1978.
Games for platform apple ||, Genesis, Apple ||GS etc are available on my abandonware but you can find gba, snes, nds games. Games that support Linux, Windows & mac also available for this.


Another safe rom site is available on the internet. Here you can't download any file. Basically, it is an online gaming platform service.  There are thousands of games are available on this website to play. The music sound is not.
The player can save game and then upload to play next time. Best you don't need to create an account for this. If you are comfortable with playing online then you can consider as a good alternative option


Retrostic has one of the simplest design in this category. Website is neat and clean. Here you can download GBA,  Super Nintendo, N64, NDS, MAME, and Playstation Roms & Emulators.
But it is not a big source there are total 83105 Roms Available. I generally do not play a lot of games so I’m satisfied with the content.

Other websites which are not safe 

  1. Romsmania
  2. RomsMode
  4. RoyalRoms
  5. Romhustler

Need Help?

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